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As many of you already know, a priority of ours since the start of this outbreak was donating copies of The Coloring Book to fight COVID-19. We’re proud to say that we have already donated over 1,000 copies to veterans, first responders, hospitals and families around the world. On sale both in a physical copy and as a digital download, buying The Coloring Book helps support the fight against COVID-19 through the excellent work of the World Central Kitchen.

Just like The Coloring Book, new creations continue to pour out of Designer’s Row. Those of you who have already preordered a Lunar Rover probably already know, but one of the coolest aspects of this new release is the addition of custom printed wheels, which look fantastic! These parts are an example of how Brickmania continues to innovate and create new custom designs for our fans. Bringing you these amazing new parts is one the things that makes Brickmania what it is. We want to support your creativity and help expand your collections.

We thank you all for your support and we hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. Your passion and creativity using our products continues to impress and excite us. Seeing your collections and being a part of your journey as a builder fills us all with pride. If you’ve purchased a copy of The Coloring Book to support the fight, we couldn’t be more thankful! We’re all in this together, stay home, stay safe.

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