We are continuing to work to bring our fans the best historical building experience to all four corners of the world. No matter where you live, if you ordered one of our premium quality building kits, your box came through this workstation, filled with packing peanuts to protect it and sealed to ship it. This is one of the final stops in our warehouse before a kit is delivered to your doorstep and joins your collection.

Below you can see a helmet from Lando’s desk, ready to be mined for both inspiration and authenticity. These minifigs pour forth from his designer’s desk and become a quintessential part of our kits and your collections. The designers all benefit from having the real deal to work with, and the attention to detail that they bring to their work is appreciated from the operators who used them to the super fans who know every fact and facet of their historical use.

We continue to improve our process and do what we do best so that your Brickmania collection grows with quality builds and unmatched accuracy. Everything you see from Brickmania is the culmination of hard work and dedication from people creating new art to people delivery it to your door. Remember that these amazing kits, exclusive minifigs and detailed stickers are the result of your support and passion.

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