Pulling Together


Last week we showed you how we continue to build big even while remaining vigilant in the face of the continuing COVID-19 outbreak. Below is a picture of our warehouse kitchen area and bar, where we would gather for drinks and good eats before the outbreak. Now we have pulled bar stools away and require employees to spread out when taking their breaks.

We also showed you last week how the public side of our GHQ Store has changed to accommodate proper social distancing policies and to use up the space that had been utilized for in-store events. GHQ is now open again for curbside pickup and in store shopping (with a maximum of ten people at a time, all wearing face coverings or masks). This is the view from behind the historical displays, where our team is still working hard even after being displaced from their normal desks.

Although it has been a adjustment for all of us, and we continue to stay socially distant, wearing our masks and keeping up the necessary proper hygiene, we get to continue to do what we love because of fans just like you. We all know that your support, patience and understanding during this time of unprecedented change has been indispensable. Your patronage is appreciated more than words can express. Thank you all, Brickmaniacs!

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