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You’ve seen the USS Makin Island under construction in our main production warehouse, and here is a look at some of the amazing exclusive minifigures that are available only to the Captains and Lieutenants who are helping make this amazing mega build a reality. Through our Plank Owner BrickStarter Sponsorship, these excellent minifigures come in three different flesh tones and two genders, and as you can see they look nothing short of fantastic.

This enormous build, much like our USS Missouri is going to take a lot of brick and a monumental amount of building. The Missouri took over half a million bricks to build, and by becoming a Plank Owner you become a part of brick history in the building. Below you can see the Plank Owner’s exclusive certificate, which yields you special discounts online and in our retail stores.

Just like the Missouri before her, the Makin Island will surely travel widely and be seen by fans from around the world. Although she is still in the beginning stages of construction, this will undoubtedly be recognized as one of the most incredible feats of brick building in the world. You can be a part of it too, so don’t miss your chance and become a Plank Owner today!

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