Micro Brick Battle


Yesterday we launched our new Micro Brick Battle website and forum. Today we are making another fantastic drop of content along with letting all our fans know about what our upcoming release schedule will be for Micro Brick Battle. We are very excited to see the game system and community expand and grow, and we invite you all to be a part of it!

Today’s releases are the Official Micro Brick Battle Rule Book Volume III and the Houses and Terrain Schematics. We invite you to join the community and share your own Micro Brick Battle stories and personal MOCs with us. You can still support the game and get the real deal for your table by purchasing the full-color Rule Book here, otherwise if shipping would be too expensive to your country, or you just want to see if your gaming group/ family would enjoy it, grab the downloadable PDF!

We hope that you can enjoy the game rules and have fun building these amazing Micro units. If you have your own designs or scenarios that you would like to share with the community we have a Fan Creations section on the forum for you to contribute to! We are planning a monthly release on the third Wednesday of every month to coincide with our (currently postponed) in store Open Game Nights which were (prior to COVID-19) traditionally held on the third Thursday of the month.

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