Hull and Hall-E


Here is another epic shot of the USS Makin Island, our on-going mega build that is coming together in our production warehouse. Below you can see the schematics that line the table of this fantastical undertaking. The hull has begun to take shape, and the build is already beginning to garner awe.

Back in our Customer Service Office, Hall-E (or Holly, however you prefer to spell it, she doesn’t seem to mind either way) has found the most comfortable place on the table to sit. Being a pet-friendly office and warehouse has definitely been a boon for our employees, especially in the era of COVID-19 where social distancing has curtailed a lot of our normal interactions. Hall-E is often the first sign of life in the morning in our office, and the #PetsOfBKM are a constant reminder of the bellies that need to be fed by our hard work.

From the likes of Hall-E and in honor of the Makin Island’s hull, we thank our fans for all the support. When the Makin Island is traveling the world, and Hall-E is sleeping on the top shelf of our customer service center, we will remember that it was because of you that all this was possible. Stay safe out there, Brickmaniacs, and don’t forget that we are all in this together.

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