Photo Realism


By now many of you are well aware of how many creative minds we have in this building, and how often they are deployed to new and innovative projects that test their abilities and showcase their talent. Below you’ll find the area that has been used to great effect by gifted individuals creating amazing action shots with our one-of-a-kind minifigures.

The photo studio above was used to create such fantastic action shots as the Revolutionary War American Soldier – a fantastic visual that I thought had been rendered on the computer when I first laid eyes upon it. In fact, it was setup and shot with real minifigures with an artificial backdrop. The kind of artistic eye that is required to setup and take these such terrific action shots is unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

From the most jaw-dropping kits, to the most detailed custom printed parts, from the most realistic action shots to the undeniably cool stickers, everything we create is made with passion and with care. From the first brick to the very last, Brickmania is determined to produce kits that you can enjoy building and displaying from the first day out of the box. Behind each and every product we ship is a person who works diligently and creatively to bring you the experience that you all love most.

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