Brickmania Track Links Update

A quick update Brickmaniacs, our recent restocks and new releases featuring custom track links will be delayed until 8/14/2020. This is due to a required recalibration of the molds that produce the track links. Considering the wait for track links our fans have already endured, we did not want an inferior product and instead are dealing with the delay and hope to ship these products and soon as possible.

The restocks and new releases that feature track links are parted and completed to the extent that we are able and will begin shipping as soon as we are able to get the track links into our HQ.

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate these unusual hurdles that seem too frequent. Brickmania employees are proud to produce the most detailed custom building kits in the world and remain forever thankful our fans help us to continue this endeavor.

Should there be any further changes, we’ll be sure to update you promptly.

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2 thoughts on “Brickmania Track Links Update

    • The stand alone track links will be available at a later date. This update was regarding the kits requiring custom tracks.

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