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Today was (or, still is) our monthly Two For Tuesdays BOGO Sticker Pack Sale, and it’s always a great time to stock up on those Sticker Packs that you have been eyeing for your newest MOC or your latest build. Our high quality historically accurate Sticker Packs are the best way to field an entire squad in quick order. Below you can see a behind-the-scenes look into our Customer Service area where the Sticker Packs are ready to be pulled for your order!

Just as our minifigures have some of the most detailed and rigorously researched uniforms and custom printed designs, our Sticker Packs allow you to immediately create a great looking diorama that you can be proud of. Especially when minifigures sell out so fast and are so hard to restock, these make a fantastic substitution so that you can get back to building! They are easy to apply (check out the tutorial here) and look great! We make it easy to quickly convert your minifig collection into a small army!

We want to hear from our fans, which is your favorite Sticker Pack we’ve made so far? What uniforms or designs would you like to see made into a future Sticker Pack? How have you made your own creations and what sorts of dioramas have you created using our Sticker Packs? As many of you are already well aware, we pride ourselves on listening to our fans so don’t hesitate to let us know what you’d like to see as a Sticker Pack next!

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