BrickTracks Launch on Brickmania Web and Retail Stores

Brickmaniacs! It’s the start of a new era! Or maybe more like a re-launch of an older one? However you see it, there’s a new category on called Railroad Supplies that you’ll find and expanding variety of top-tier products to take your railway creations to the next level – including featured products such as BrickTracks™!

Here’s a look at what’s included in the initial launch…

BrickTracks™ manufactures high quality custom track pieces for use with LEGO® trains and bricks. Brickmania is proud to partner with BrickTracks in providing unmatched quality and detail for your railway creations.

The initial Railroad Supplies launch consists of…

We’re very excited for the expansion of this new product theme. Our goal is to have a wide variety of awesome products available with a growing selection of MOC essentials and unique items. This timeline will continue through the end of 2020, into 2021, and beyond.

Stay tuned to see what new offerings we’ll soon have ready to roll!

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