BrickTracks On Track


As many of you are well aware we have begun to carry BrickTracks in our retail locations and online, and we are already preparing ourselves for upcoming train builds. It has been a long time since Brickmania created a train building kit, but going back to this theme has already inspired a lot of excitement both within our walls and beyond.

As you may have seen on Brickmania TV, Dan has set up a small loop in the shut off section of the GHQ Store. Although it will not be a public display until we can allow groups and events in the stores again, it is an awesome example of the old and new meeting together after a long hiatus. The BrickTracks that you see in the video and above, and the old box cars and flat cars are here to usher in a new exciting era of trains and railroad supplies that we know many of our fans can’t wait to make part of their collections.

What are some of the most iconic train engines or rolling stock that you’d like to see Brickmania produce? What kind of accessories, sticker packs and minifigs that you think would be awesome with our new train line? What kinds of MOCs are you planning on building with these new sets?

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