Brickstuff™ In Action


Showing off incredible MOCs and dioramas is something many of you do as part of your hobby, and now you have more awesome equipment to deploy from our friends at Brickstuff. Another small business that is constantly pushing the envelope, Brickstuff has what it takes to take your build to the next level! Below you can see how cool it might look on your MOC, but to experience the sights and sounds of it, check out the recent SitRep episode of Brickmania TV to see it in action. This is definitely one of those must-haves for the top-tier builders of the world!

We have partnered with Brickstuff in the past and we are super excited to be working with them again. Their lighting and sound accessories are industry-leading and we know that many of our fans will find a plethora of uses for such amazing implements. As our community strives toward more authentic and eye-catching displays and dioramas, Brickstuff like the M2HB shown above will prove invaluable to builders around the world.

Do you have any Brickstuff products in your collection? What kinds of accessories, both new and old, would you like to see from this amazing partnership? What build or MOC are you planning on using these M2HBs on first? Let us know on your favorite social media platform!

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