Holly’s Brick Mini Army


As we received our reinforcements of the new Brick Mini Nano Soldiers, Holly couldn’t help herself but to claim what was left in the box as hers. We counted these out, putting them online and sending them to our retail stores so that you can build your armies today! Mix and match colors, give your favorite tank a commander and hit the table or build your micro MOC!

These amazing nanofigures make a fantastic compliment to your existing Micro Brick Battle armies, especially now with the newly released Infantry Rules! Holly seemed partial to the purple and red soldiers, but we’re pretty sure she was still mostly interested in her next meal. Even though she had been fed when she took the picture above, she would not have you think it for one moment! Your support is what keeps her dish full, and allows us to help other small businesses like Brick Mini get their amazing product to the people who will appreciate it most! Thank you all!

What do you plan to do with the Nano Soldiers you get? What will be the order of battle for your newest Micro Brick Battle Army? Have you tried the Infantry rules yet? Give us feedback and share your armies with us!

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