Celebrate Veterans Day with a Generous Donation!


Our community has come out in a big way to support our veterans and their families in honor of Veterans Day 2020 and we couldn’t be more appreciative. With the support of fans like you we have already reached our goal (counting the pending matched donations from Brickmania) but we don’t want to stop there! Every donation that goes toward our Wounded Warriors and their families is cherished and treasured, and there’s still time to give to those who gave their all for democracy and freedom!

Between the donations from the community, the rare Micro Brick Battle kit auctions (from an awesome fan), and the matched donations from Brickmania we have already smashed our goal, but we want to do the most good that we can and get the most support to our service members as humanly possible, so we are asking for continued donations to honor our military families in honor of Veterans Day 2020. Above you see another one of the hats that was donated to Brickmania by a service member and we are proud to display it in our GHQ Store in Minneapolis, MN.

We are immensely proud of the funds that our community has already raised in support of our troops and their families, but we can still send reinforcements to celebrate Veterans Day 2020! Please consider making a donation today and show your appreciation for our heroes and their families. To everyone who donated already, thank you. For those veterans out there reading this, thank you for everything.

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