Here for the Fans


Throughout all of the turbulence of 2020, and through the busy holiday season, this room has boxed and shipped every kit in your collection. Even if you bought your models from the Retail Stores, those kits originally passed through this room and these hands. Our fantastic Customer Service team has fielded your questions and delivered your sets with grace and hard work each and everyday of the year. You’ve seen how the pallets of cheer and you know that they even worked from home during the Stay-At-Home order.

This team is dedicated to providing the very best customer service in the world, and we stand by every product that ships from this room. When issues have arisen, or customers need to reach out, we have always done whatever we can to ensure that our fans have been taken care of and the problems addressed. Our community has stood by us during thick and thin, and our supporters know that this team is the vanguard that keeps the community building! As we begin a new year and look forward to the amazing sets to come we take a moment to appreciate the team that ships around the world, and thank the fans that make it all possible. We are extremely proud to be doing what we do for each and every one of you.

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