Action Shot Studio


Here is another look behind-the-scenes at the process of creating our awesome Minifigure action shots that you see on product pages and across our social media posts. Although most of the action shots that are created for our building kits are rendered by our animation team, many of the minifigure promotional pictures are taken with a camera with the real minifigures in this little studio located in Designer’s Row.

We know that our community loves to take pictures of their MOCs and their collections, and this is one of the first opportunities for the newest minifigs to be photographed anywhere in the world. We get a lot of positive comments and appreciative words about our action shots, and photographers and MOC builders around the world are always looking for new ways to showcase their builds and collections in even cooler ways. Not only do we encourage our fans to share their pictures, we are also highly excited to see what you build and submit for our official MOC Contests. Seeing our fans enjoy and share their work with the world is one of our favorite parts of the best job ever! Thanks to everyone who sends us pictures of your dioramas, MOCs and collections!

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