The Black Hawk® Returns! Monday Restocks and Restock Preorders!

Here it is Brickmaniacs! The Monday restocks and restocks preorders – including our last run (for now) of the Hue Marine MotM! We also have both Vietnam BrickArms® Helmets with Mitchell Pattern back online and 10% off with code: BUILDIT at checkout! Also eligible are all BrickArms®, MOC Accessories, Minifig Gear, and Sticker Packs! Sale concludes and the end of January. Happy building all!

Here’s a look at the complete rundown…



Important Dates:

  • Final AC-130 restock preorder drops 2/1/21
  • BKM Vault returns 2/4/21
  • Vietnam MOC Contest submissions due by 6/1/21

Happy Building!

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