Become a Featured Channel on the Brickmania YouTube Page!

Brickmania is always looking for new ways to support the custom military LEGO building community. Several high-effort individuals have already had their channels featured by Brickmania, such as ASAP Animation, SHYTIMEismyTIME, The Brother’s Brick, and more! Now, because of significant community interest, we’ve put together a list of to-dos should you want to create a channel or promote your existing channel with Brickmania!

Here’s a look at some milestones to target…

  1. First and foremost, your channel must be an active positive influence in the custom military LEGO building community.
  2. While we welcome reviews and opinions of all industry products, your channel must feature Brickmania in a prominent way.
  3. Channels should post monthly content at minimum, daily and weekly content is preferred.
  4. Minimum subscriber count to be eligible for featured status is 1,000.

In regards to time-lapse builds, channels like SHYTIMEismyTIME and SecretSquirrelBricks are great examples for how to share these epic creations without infringing on intellectual copyright. This rule does not apply exclusively to BKM builds as Brickmania does not support the unsanctioned release of any company’s building instructions.

This is intended to be a fun, active endeavor for Brickmania to use our existing platform to help promote passionate individuals or groups looking to further or begin their involvement in the custom military LEGO building community. Being a featured channel does not mean you will receive free Brickmania products of any kind, though that isn’t outside the realm of possibility. Brickmania reserves the right to bestow/remove featured status at our discretion.

We’re so excited to see what this community comes up with! Happy building all!

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