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Our fans, both online and in the retail stores, consistently ask for particular restocks of both kits and minifigures. One of the most consistent requests is the Modern US Navy Deck Crew which were instantly sell out every time we get a chance to restock them. We’ve shown you some of the process behind the creation of these marvelous minifigures, and the nature of being a small business with an enormous and varied catalog means that we can never have enough time in the day to keep everything we’ve made in stock online or in our three retail locations. These highly sought after minifigures are requested the moment the stock hits zero.

Despite us never being able to keep up with the substantial demand from our amazing fan community, we love hearing from each and every one of you. If you got yourself a coveted Deck Crewmen, sound off! If you want another minifig to get a restock we’d love to hear about it. One of the things that gives us great joy is being able to respond to our community and we love giving the fans what they want. Seeing all of the responses when a restock like these gets on social media is a lot of fun and we can’t wait to continue to expand our capabilities so that we can get you want you are looking for.

What minifigure did you get on a restock that you had been waiting a long time for? What kit or minifig did you get on launch day because you knew they wouldn’t last long? What MOCs and creations have you used these fantastic restocks on in the past, and what project are you thinking about when you make your request for a restock?

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