Arming Your Minifigs


We’ve been happy to share with you some awesome restocks and prototypes, and we are always excited to show off the process behind creating the most historically accurate building kits and amazing minifigures on the planet. This process is the same for our older minifigs as much as it is for our newest Minifig of the Month, the Desert Storm US Army Infantry. Our team takes pride in both creating this amazing art and also producing everyday! The fact that most of our minifigs sell out on their launch day is a testament to how much our fans love the work done inside this building, and for that support we couldn’t be more appreciative.

Here is a look into one of the UV Print buckets filled with custom printed minifig arms. Before they are ready for the action shot studio, or before you get a chance to appreciate the action shots on your favorite social media, just like a kit starts as a pile of brick, our minifigs are parted out and printed on individually. Its because of your support that we are able to continue to raise the bar on detail and historical accuracy. We love seeing our minifigs in your MOCs and dioramas and can’t wait to see these arms (on figures of course) in your collection!

Do you have a favorite custom arm print? What is your favorite minifig of all time? Let us know, we love hearing from fans!

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