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Here’s another contemporary look into the main Warehouse where every minifig in your collection, every BrickArm in their hands, every piece in your expertly packaged boxes was hand counted by our production team. On the left you can also see the Brickmania van that we have used to travel the country for fan conventions and military events from EAA to BrickWorld. As you might imagine, it hasn’t seen much use since the pandemic began, but we can’t wait for the opportunity to bring it out to the fans and bring our amazing displays around the country to share with our beloved community.

On the right you can see the production whiteboard, where they keep track of all the current new releases and restocks to ensure that they get out the door to the fans on time. Our team makes sure that the pieces are quality checked and every single kit goes through the same process of part counting, bagging and packaging that you have come to know and love. This is the very place where we have held, and plan to hold World War Brick again in 2022. Although we are still a small company, this is really the beating heart that makes sure that the designer’s vision can land onto your shelf at home. We are thankful for the entire production team, and for the fans that support them every day!

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