Action Shots Fired!


In the past year we’ve been showing the fans behind-the-scenes looks at how our fantastic building kits get produced, and today we have another amazing look at how our next-level action shots get made. Our team takes pride in showing off both our products and our partner’s in startlingly cool ways. The star of this particular action shot, the Desert Storm US Marines, have sold out already, but the action shot that announced their launch will continue to live on (and surely get used again when they are restocked!). We know that our community enjoys these amazing visuals, and we also know that our community is also passionate about taking their own action shots of their favorite minifigs and building kits, too.

You can follow Drew on Instagram and get firsthand teasers and see behind-the-scenes looks like this one. He is just one of the exceptionally talented people that work in this building and help bring you the world’s best building experience. We get a lot of comments from fans about how much they enjoy the attention to detail and the artistic prowess that is on display in these action shots, and they perfectly show off the fantastic work that the design team did to make these figures truly epic.

What’s your favorite action shot? What part of the process would you like to see the behind-the-scenes of most? Let us know!

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