Studs and Plates


Once again we bring you and our fans to the Designer’s Room to show you another pile of bricks that will one day soon be a prototype to be test built. As our design team continues to set new standards for historically accurate building kits and provide ever more excellent vehicles for our custom minifigures to be operating, it all begins in what can best be described as organized chaos. To those who are not familiar, this may look like a crash site, but really its the ground floor of our production facility. This is the first step of every single Brickmania model that is on your shelf, of every kit in your hand.

Everything we do is building upon our extensive record of creating the greatest building experiences for our fans. Our standards are high for playability, durability and accuracy for each and every kit and that begins here. Even when we go back to a design that we have already produced before, we find new ways to achieve our goals, we utilize new bricks that have only recently been added to our collection and we build upon the lessons we learned from past builds. Every builder knows that it takes time and patience to create a better MOC or kit, and our design team is working relentlessly to take every kit to the next level. We always recognize that a pile of pieces like this one represents the creativity of both our team and our fans, and it represents the support of our community and the future of the hobby.

Do you have a guess as to what upcoming building kit this is? Can you guess which designer’s desk this is?

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