Test Building


Here is another look at our test builder’s desk, with an iconic kit that has already long ago sold out. Our test builder gets the very first prototype build from the Designer’s Room (often right after the Brickmania TV episode has been filmed) and begins the process of taking it apart and rebuilding it using the instructions. This part of our production process is vitally important to catch any issues or discrepancies in our internal parts lists and check the first draft of the kit’s instructions.

After that prototype model has been processed, the very first line kit from the production line gets put onto this same desk and our test builder begins the process again. Checking for all the pieces, and all the steps in every single kit that leaves our warehouse, this desk is an extremely important part of bringing a elegantly designed kit to your doorstep. We take pride in every single kit that leaves our desks, and the whole team is always excited to see the models on yours. Please feel free to share your favorite 2021 kit that you’ve enjoyed building, and let us know the progress of the MOC you hope to submit to 2021’s first MOC Contest!

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