Makin Island Update


There has been a lot of people asking for updates on the USS Makin Island aircraft carrier currently under construction in our main production warehouse. Fans who tune into Dan’s social media have already seen a lot of progress on this massive build, even the picture below is a week old and many planks have been laid down. Below is just one image of the amazing display rising from the table one brick at a time. We’ve made massive builds like this before, and we love bringing them around the country and sharing them with the community every chance we get.

As many of our ardent fans already know, this build was originally planned to be finished and on display during the World War Brick Convention of 2020, which was sadly (but responsibly) postponed until June 10-12, 2022. Builders all know that a project is only as successful as the bricks and the hands that snap them together, and this is no exception to that rule. We’ve scoured the planet to get enough pieces to assemble this enormous project, and finally Dan and Mary’s hands are able to dedicate time to it once more.

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