Numbered Batches


One of the things that we know our fans get a kick out of is finding out what number their kit is in a given batch. Here is a picture of the boxes that have been prepped for the now sold-out Carro Armato M13/40. Each batch of Brickmania building kits are given a number before the beautiful cover is applied and the box is sealed. This part of the process is done in our production warehouse before they are brought down the hall to the Customer Service team to be shipped to fans around the world.

We love hearing fans tell us how excited they are to have a particular numbered box, whether its their favorite number, or the ever vaunted box #1 of the batch, each is a testament to how limited our production runs are on these amazing sets and gives each of our fans a pride point to share. What kit do you own that has a numbered box you were excited to find? Which number would you covet the most out of a set you have your eyes on?

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