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Here’s another behind-the-scenes look at the fruit of production’s harvest. The HUMVEE® M1151A1 is still available, although the Fw 190 A-8 is not. This picture was taken after the boxes had been numbered, the cover sleeve has been applied and they are ready to be wrapped before heading out the door. Our team is constantly counting parts and packing boxes of our weekly restocks, and these are some of the most highly requested reloads.

We take a great deal of pride in making the world’s best building kits, and every single box is packed with care. Every design is created with playability and that “wow factor” in mind so that our fans have both a functional and impressive on your shelf. The parts are sourced and counted with equal attention to detail, and the packaging artwork that is created is done with a mind toward our collectors and hardcore fans. HUMVEEs are some of the most popular sets in our catalog, and we also offer officially licensed versions of the HUMVEE® M997A3 and the HUMVEE® M1165A1 still in stock, so if you’ve been eyeing one make sure to get them before they’ve sold out again!

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