Heavy Hitter


The AC-130 (SPOOKY II) is one of the largest sets we’ve ever produced, and previous batches sold out in record time. The current stock is part of what will likely be the final batch of this version, (due to part availability) we wanted to make sure our fans knew that they should get one in their name before they’re gone for good! Featuring propeller motors and 13 custom minifigs, this is a set that will stand the test of time even if said motors are no longer widely available in the aftermarket.

The image you see above is the pallet of these magnificent builds in our Customer Service room. With over 5,000 pieces this is one build that you wont want to miss out on, and with limited availability you will be among a very select few people on the planet with it in your collection. This set will be something to be appreciated and beloved for years to come! Just make sure you have enough shelf space for this massive bird!

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