Future Doomsayers


The Doomsayer Brew Pub returns Monday on restock preorder! You can also add up to three Lando’s Randos to fill out your pub! Want to see more of the Randoverse? Drop a comment here and/or on our social media accounts and let us know it’s time to expand! We were so happy to introduce this kit last year, and it got high marks from our fan community. Normally, Lando’s Randos are only available during Black Friday, but this is your chance to get some out of season, all while giving them an excellent post-apocalyptic pub to enjoy!

We are definitely interested in returning to this theme again, provided there is interest in our community to do so. We had a ton of fun creating the Brew Pub and we have a lot of other ideas that we could use for future sets. Our fan community drives a lot of our decisions and your requests and comments help us orient our production schedule. If you miss Monday’s Brew Pub + Randos bundle you’ll have to wait until Black Friday for your Randos needs. If you want a restock of the Brew Pub, or if you’d like to see more sets in this theme in the future, let us know on your favorite social media platform and let us know!

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