Boxed Brilliance


Whether its the brilliant box art or our limited edition Quarantine Edition boxes, our entire team takes a lot of pride in wrapping our fantastic sets in amazing packaging. From the fantastic new cover art on the U-2 to the fantastic action shots that we make for new releases, we love seeing the fan reactions to all the hard work being done in the design room. We know that our fans take pride in ownership seeing their numbered box on the shelf, art for display and the model to admire.

This pile of unmade boxes are sitting in the production area, ready to be folded, filled with the world’s best building kit elements and wrapped for our fans. These ones are clearly the larger box size, like the aforementioned U-2, but there are some in the background that have already been wrapped and sealed of the smaller size. Each kit gets the attention it deserves, and before it leaves our warehouse on its way to your doorstep, there are many hands that made it all possible. We all get to work at the best job ever because of fans like you, and for that privileges we thank you all.

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