Brickmania Expands, V2


Along with continuing to provide epic restocks of some of our fan’s favorite kits, we continue to do whatever we can to elevate our facility. An entire wall in our warehouse has come down and we’ve begun to expand our operation to include the new area. Not only will this expansion help the production team where so much of what we do hits the brick, but it will also allow us to have a much larger space for World War Brick in 2022.

If you haven’t already got one in a recent order, or didn’t see the blog post announcing it definitely go over to this post and grab yourself the June calendar to get a heads up on whats on the radar for next month! Preorders are listed as well as some of the kits we are most excited to get out to you all! We can’t wait to show our fan community how far we’ve come since the last time we held an event in our production warehouse!

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