Brickmania Expands


We like to say that Brickmania is the best job we’ve ever had, and one thing that brings us all great joy and pride is seeing the company grow and evolve. Not only do we lead the industry in custom minifigs and epic builds, but we are constantly looking for ways to improve our operation to provide our fans more for the future. The heart of everything we do is the production warehouse, where every single kit in your collection was hand counted by our fantastic staff. This is also where World War Brick will be held, and so we have a particular goal of making it even bigger and better when we get to hold it again in 2022.

Those of you who follow Dan’s Instagram stories have probably already seen a lot of the work the team has been doing to set up our next expanded space in the warehouse, and we’d like to show of some of the progress we’ve made. Above is a picture from several weeks ago when one of the walls in the production warehouse came down for us to expand. We know that this progress and expansion has only been possible with the support of our fan community, and for that we are all extremely thankful.

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