Brick Mini Air Support


Our regular readers should already be aware of Brick Mini’s second wave Kickstarter and as that campaign nears it’s end, we want to make sure that we get the word out and give as much support as we can for this ambitious expansion of the Nano Soldier lineup. We’ve already shared the epic video and the Brickmania Exclusive Kits (one of which shown below) and we know that the Micro Brick Battle community can’t wait to get these new units onto the tabletop!

We value our community partnerships, and we are constantly looking for ways to support them in their efforts. We know that the fans of Micro Brick Battle can’t wait for Open Game Night events to open in our retail stores again and we’re excited too! We can’t wait to bust out the tables and start rolling the dice again, and we hope that the second wave of Nano Soldiers will be hitting the beachhead with us!

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