Brickmania July Calendar: Download Here!

July’s look ahead has arrived! Barbarossa Bricks preorders are already in full swing and there’s plenty to look forward to! Not to mention, the next Brickmania Sale arrives 6/30/21 both online and in our retail locations! Stay tuned for more details in the 6/25/21 Friday SitRep.

Plus, Medieval Bricks is just around the corner! While we’ll be mixing in some variety, there’s no doubt the Romans were the winner of our fan poll. We have some very exciting builds and minifigs planned for August, the likes of which have never been seen before! Stay tuned!

Moving forward we’ll continue to drop monthly calendars here on the blog, as well as including physical copies in select orders. Be sure to check back for next month’s look ahead and always stay in the know on upcoming themes, builds, sales, and more!

As always, a few important notes…

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