Makin History


Already utilizing more bricks than the vaunted USS Missouri, the USS Makin Island build is truly a sight to behold. Many of the fans who follow Dan’s Instagram already saw a status update on its progress, but ahead of it being packed up for our upcoming road show at Brick Days – Omaha 2021 which will be the public debut of this magnificent creation. This kind of build would be quite literally impossible without the support of our fan community, so look upon it with pride, Brickmaniacs!

The bricks that it took to build, the time it has taken (and will continue to take) in order to place them all, are entirely due to the continued support of our community. We wouldn’t be able to make such a fantastic build of this scale and accuracy without the support of our Plank Owners and our regular customers who keep the lights on and food in our bellies (and in the bellies of our pets). We thank you for that support, and we can’t wait to see the fans in the wild again and share the awe and wonder that such a build instills.

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