Roman Castra Preorder! Plus, Humvee® Enhanced Weapons Carrier, WWII USAAF Crew, and More!

The second preorder of #MedievalBricks has arrived! Included with the Castra kit is an amazing (and exclusive) Roman Centurion minifig! Plus, the Humvee® Enhanced Weapons Carrier, WWII USAAF Crew, and M1932 (K-19) 45mm Anti Tank Gun! It’s all live now on! Now we’re off to Nebraska Brick Days! We’ll see you there!

On another note, as many of you know we’re heading off on our first ‘road tour’ since COVID-19. As you can imagine, we’re super exited. However, we’re still operating with a fairly small team. Obviously we’ll be producing content while on our trips, but with many of the familiar faces preparing to hit the road there will be some changes over the next few weeks. For instance, the Friday SitRep will cover the Friday drop and the following Monday and Wednesday drops as well until our return. Product descriptions will be temporarily minimized. There may also be some unavailability in regards to social media DMs, etc. while the crew is on the road. But we’ll continue to do our best to engage when we can.

Basically, bear with us. Enjoy the ride and follow along. We’re so excited to see as many of you as we can!

A few important notes…

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