Fortifying Roman Style


From the Viking Raiding Ship to the Roman Legionary Minifig, #MedievalBricks has already been spectacular! As we continue to push the envelope on what is possible and break our own records for piece count and 3D & UV printed elements, the team here at Brickmania is always looking to wow our fans. We are so proud of our return to our roots, and to be able to share the passion our community has for these amazing sets.

Above is a picture of the Praetorium prototype, built on the center desk in Designer’s Row here in our warehouse in Northeast Minneapolis. Featuring seven entirely unique minifigures and weighing in at just under 10,000 pieces, this is truly one of the most ambitious builds we’ve ever produced. Collectors and builders all around the world will be trying to find a place for this set and discovering brand new ancient era MOCs to break ground on. Taken with the iconic Trebuchet and the brilliant Carroballista, the design team have created something for every collector to get excited about. We can’t wait to see the new MOCs and community builds that will come from this excellent lineup!

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