Building a Roman Fort


We’ve all had a blast watching the development of the Roman kits, and the design team has continued to impress with their hard work pushing the envelope. With our fantastic Praetorium – Roman Fort Commander’s House and Castra – Roman For Barracks still available online and the Roman Legionary Minifig of the Month a huge success already, the fan community has rallied behind #MedievalBricks and we can’t wait to see what fans build next!

If you haven’t already seen our Brickmania TV episode about the Roman Fort, its definitely worth a watch! The exclusive minifigs, the custom printed pieces and the ability to expand your fort is something that fans will want to add to their collections. We also released our Pagoda and Guarded Church in Digital Instructions catalog as well, and with new elements like the Wood Grain Tile Pack there is truly something for every Medieval MOC builder and long-time Brickmania collector.

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