Massive Monday Restock!

Holy cow! What a restock. its almost too much to list! Firstly, at on preorder we’re restocking some essentials! M1A2 Abrams – Main Battle Tank, Bell® H-13 Sioux – MASH Helicopter, M54 Gun Truck, and Centurion Mk 5/1 are shipping soon, and if you need one now try the MUTT M151, Humvee® 2-CT™ and a pair of revolutionary war guns, both the 6-Pounder – Revolutionary War Light Field Gun and Lafayette Gun (12 Pounder) – Revolutionary War Heavy Siege Gun are available now to ship to your door in a few days! Minifigs? we got em. Modern Israeli Tanker V2 , Modern US Army Rifleman , White Death – WWII Finnish Sniper, Revolutionary War American Soldier, Revolutionary War British Redcoat are all ready to go! Pick up some of our restocked Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® Mosin Nagant (NO SCOPE) and Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® Flintlock Musket are back! phew, what a mouthful, Have a great week!

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