World War Brick Returns to Minneapolis

We’re excited to host World War Brick again next year at our GHQ in Minneapolis! check out our video and blog post for more info. Meanwhile at were launching a new WWII Soviet Tanker Helmet and new digital instructions for a couple neat kits. IJA Coastal Defense Battery and Regimental Anti-tank Gun Battle Pack are available for your Mini-MOC needs. Project Ukraine Benefit is restocking a few amazing kits and figures as well. Stugna-P – Ukrainian Anti-Tank Guided Missile, FIM-92 Stinger – Man-Portable Air-Defense System, and BTR-4 – Armoured Personnel Carrier are all restocking soon so preorder them while you still can, and while you wait for that pick up one of our newly restocked Ukrainian Reaper Minifigs and help contribute to direct aid for the people of Ukraine

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