Brickmania Monthly Calendars Update

We’ve heard you loud and clear! Our team is working to bring back the monthly mailer/online calendar for November 2022 and hope to see them continue regularly beyond then. That said, we’d like to make a few things clear and perhaps shed some light on why we needed to take a few months off…

  1. All calendar information is subject to change. Seriously. One of the major reasons we discontinued them initially was that our production schedule was facing some major changes and when a portion of the August 2022 calendar was incorrect some people (you know who you are) were genuinely angry with us and made it known. We provide these as a courtesy to those trying to stay informed, please don’t make us regret it. Again.
  2. We will post the calendars as soon as we are able. We don’t hold on to the information and wait for the first to hit. Rather, we’re usually wrapping up assets we’d like to showcase. This means the calendars are not ready for dispersal until usually the final week of the preceding month.
  3. The calendars are NOT complete rundowns of our production schedule. We need to maintain the ability to pivot on certain projects and take on new ones with tight timelines. These are meant to provide an overview and feature some highlights for the upcoming month. Not provide a comprehensive rundown of what arrives each day. For that, we publish a blog post and send out an email for each launch.
  4. Just because a kit’s release date has arrived does not mean it will ship directly on that day. There’s a reason each item says 1-3 business days (and sometimes longer) to ship. Our CS team experiences various volumes of orders and needs this buffer to ensure stuff is shipped correctly. Please, do not use the release date as an opportunity to “call out” our CS team on not having items shipped when you believe they should be. They work hard, trust us.

Thank you for your understanding in these regards as we work to return the monthly calendars.

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One thought on “Brickmania Monthly Calendars Update

  1. The fact that there are those who took it upon themselves to get angry because things didn’t happen as indicated, that makes me angry because at the bottom of the “upcoming releases” section it states: “Dates are subject to change”. I noticed some things got moved around a number of times, but I was fine with that. I enjoyed the surprise in the changes.

    Also, kudos to you, Dilan, and the team for putting your foot down with these notes. Glad you guys did so.

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