In memory of Andriy Pilshchykov aka “Juice”

Andriy Pilshchykov aka JuiceThis has been a sad week for us when we learned of the passing of Andriy Pilshchykov (aka “Juice”) in a training accident. Juice was not only a fighting, flying soldier for Ukraine, but an international ambassador for support of the Ukraine Defenders. We were fortunate to get to “know” Juice when he helped us with the details of the “Ghost of Kyiv” minifigure and the continued support of our Ukrainian benefit projects thereafter. The passing of Juice reinforces the adage that the brightest stars burn half as long. So long and rest in power!

Juice was truly a humble giant and champion for the people of Ukraine. His tireless efforts soared magnificently above and beyond what could be expected if any single person. I believe his example will be the inspiration for many more outstanding young men and women to follow in his footsteps, both in Ukraine and beyond.

With help of Juice, we have been able to raise over $319k for the defenders of Ukraine through our Ukraine Benefit Project. We also thank you for your continued support.

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