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Last week we took you through some of the ways that Brickmania has had to adapt to the new normal. We have also been showing you to what we are looking forward to as we stay at home. We continue to alter our processes to fight COVID-19 with our community. Below you will find another part of the process which is staying at home: media content.

Getting those amazing renders of our products, establishing some of the most epic action shots and creating jaw-dropping animations do not come easily. But they come from this desk now, staying at home but still producing the best. Although we miss the animators dearly, the talent they showcase continually makes all of us proud, despite the distance.

After the renders, more work is needed, but luckily we got it covered. Kits don’t come with words that evoke historical knowledge about the vehicle. They also don’t come with a video. Above you’ll find the desk of the man you know well (because you YouTube), and a writer that brings history and passion to you every week. From Declassifieds to Quarantine Chronicles, we bring you the best. Despite the pandemic, we connect with each other and you as often as we can. Although we would all prefer to be back at the shop, we hope that we make our fans proud.

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