Suspension Systems


There is little doubt that we have been able to accomplish truly remarkable feats with our designs. One area in which we have continued to push the limits of brick-built design has been in tank Track Link suspension. From now long out-of-stock white box kits like the T-34/76 to the smooth rolling thunder that is the Easy Eight (to this day my favorite), we have taken tank builds to the next level from the ground up.

But our design team hasn’t stopped at a good roll, either. We’ve seen our suspension guarded by armored side-skirts in the T-72a and suspension that changes the main gun’s elevation in the vaunted S-Tank. It should be noted that Dan’s first designs used only the default tracks because the exclusive high-quality Track Links you know and love simply didn’t exist until we Kickstarted them in 2014. We’ve come a long way, and we have much still to build, and it’s all thanks to fans like you.

Share with us on social media what your favorite brick-built tank suspension is. Tell us about your favorite roller from your collection. What design do you want to see produced again? What will you build when our exclusive Track Links are restocked?

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