Growing and Learning


Builders grow and winners learn. We started this series of blogs to show fans how we were working from home, and what steps were were taking to protect our employees and our customers during the unprecedented global pandemic. That work continues everyday through the use of masks, hand washing and proper social distancing. Below you can see our road store van, which has in the past been used to travel around the country and bring our amazing products to conventions and events from coast to coast.

Although this van hasn’t been used this year, we know that it will return to service eventually and we eagerly await that day. Yet, no matter how much we want things to go back to the way they were, we must adapt to the new normal at every step of the process. We cannot become complacent, just like every good builder knows. Brickmania prides itself on our team, and each person and every department has stepped up to protect their community, our families and yours, to the best of our abilities. As we learn more about the virus and as we continue to see it spread, we must maintain our diligence against it.

Another reason we started this series was to hear from our fans while you are at home too. Where do you want to see the Brickmania road store when we have defeated COVID-19? Continue to share with us using the hashtag  #StayHomeWithBrickmania so we can see what you have been working on while we all work to flatten the curve. Although the fight for a better future is ongoing, remember that winners aren’t born, they’re built. Thank you for building with us.

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