The Coloring Book Update


Yesterday, we donated the proceeds from The Coloring Book to the World Central Kitchen, which is helping fight against hunger around the world, and has taken on a tremendous effort to help those who are suffering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since we launched Brickmania The Coloring Book on April 10th, 2020, we have raised over $1,906.25 and donated over 3,257 copies to non-profits, first responders and veterans and their families from all around the world!

We are immensely proud to be helping in this way to help fight against the hunger caused by COVID-19. When we started this project in the midst of the Stay At Home order in Minnesota, we knew that we would give kids (and big kids like us) a way to color creatively while quarantined. We also knew that there would be many organizations like Support Military Families who would be able to get them into good hands. Now, the Chefs on the front lines over at the World Central Kitchen have more resources to help the fight against hunger both at home and abroad.

But the fight continues, and defeating this pandemic – and the hunger that it has caused – will be a continued struggle, but one that we must take on. If you would like to learn more click here and see the full story. If you know of an organization who could benefit from a donation of Coloring Books, email with all of the information we would need. If you want to contribute to this effort and get an awesome military-themed Coloring Book for your own quarantine coloring, buy either a digital or physical copy and know that your contribution is going to a good cause.

To all of those who have already bought a copy, or reached out for a non-profit donation, thank you for all that you do. Stay safe, stay healthy, and keeping building winners, Brickmaniacs.

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