A Day @QC


For those who have been following our blog closely, you’ve seen how the Customer Service team has continued to ship our awesome building kits throughout the holidays. Regular readers also know that our Production team was off last week, even the UV Print Room fell silent for a time. But as the new year is underway and everyone is back in the swing of things, we wanted to give you another look at the process at the end of the line. This picture shows the bins, full of bags and parts lists, that are ready for packaging.

Each bag has been weighed, and every part hand counted. A particular bin might be one kit, or just one bin amongst a number for a kit. No matter how many pieces in a kit, each one passes through this station and is prepared in the same way. We take great care producing every kit, from the design, printing, part counting, packaging and customer service. Nothing gives us more pride than seeing our models on your shelf, the boxes in your hands and the MOCs that you all build around them. We are excited to see what the fans build from this year’s kits, and we are proud of the team that makes it all possible everyday of the week.

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