Vault Kits In Transit


As many of our hardcore fans know, the Brickmania Vault is one of the last chances for fans to get a retired kit that isn’t available online or in our retail stores. All of the kits you see here are already sold and packed for their lucky buyers. These four sets didn’t last long online, and its always a race to see who can hit CHECKOUT fastest on that first Thursday of the month. The picture below shows the kits being wheeled down the hall to the Customer Service team after getting their photo shoot.

These amazing display models will be out the door soon and in the hands of the fans who were able to scoop them up, bragging rights and all. We’ve shown you another close up of our test builder’s desk, and the bins the the designers use as these amazing kits were prototyped, and the Vault represents the last time a particular kit is in the house (save for the lone Archive copy in the GHQ Store, of course) and for sale. We can’t wait to see these Vault kits on your shelf and amongst your collections!

What Vault kit do you wish you had been able to hit checkout for? What sets are you most excited for to hit the Vault in the future? What are you working on with your current collection?

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