PSA: eBay Buyer Beware


We wanted to take a moment today to highlight something that we have become aware of in the last several months. We know that our fan’s demand for our excellent kits greatly outstrips our production capacity, and as a result, there is an extensive reseller market. But what troubles us is the equally extensive list of unsavory actors and illegitimate practices that are occurring on sites like eBay. There are predatory sellers who are willfully tricking our fans into purchasing either bootlegged versions of our kits, or otherwise listing items that the seller does not in fact have on hand and instead making an order using their buyer’s information on our webstore and send customers kits that were not originally listed. We don’t want any of our fans to be scammed and encourage those who are to please report any nefarious activities to us at Whenever possible, we encourage you to buy directly from us, either from our webstore, our brick-and-mortar retail stores or our authorized resellers to avoid the scams.

Beware of Scams
We recommend only purchasing Brickmania products from our webstore [link], retail stores [link] or our authorized resellers [link]. eBay and other online reseller sites should not be considered authentic or verified for legitimacy and we encourage our fans to be cautious about potential scams, bootleg sellers and other illegitimate seller practices. If we ever post items for auction on eBay we will exclusively utilize our official account here [link]. Buyer beware, and please report all illegitimate sellers to eBay directly and send screenshots, links and other useful information to our customer service team so that we can help report these bad actors.

Dropshipping Is Not Allowed
We do not allow purchasers to setup accounts on behalf of other persons or households. You may not create orders with another person’s shipping or personal information. All orders are subject to confirmation that the purchaser is the intended recipient. Any accounts which have not been verified are subject to immediate cancellation. If you believe that you have been a victim of this type of abuse, please send screenshots, links and other useful information to our customer service team.

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