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The picture below shows off the latest batch of (now sold out) Bell® UH-1(D) Huey®, and now that we are firmly into the Desert Storm Bricks monthly theme, we will once again encourage all of our fans to build and contribute to 2021’s first MOC Contest using some of those amazing Vietnam Era kits that kicked off the year. Our fans had been craving Modern era builds for a long time, and we have delivered an excellent array of kits that any Modern-minded builder would instantly want in their collection.

In addition to the Desert Storm themed new releases, we have also restocked some fan favorites from the Modern era. The ever popular Humvee Task Force Ranger Edition and Humvee Tactical Ambulance are great to add to any collection, and the new M2/M3 Bradley or VAB make excellent support vehicles. Also featuring a return is the ever requested F-16 Fighting Falcon and the M113. Take those with the superior air support from the iconic AC-130 to the nimble Kiowa Warrior to take your MOC to the next level of modern operations.

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